Function Like a Top Producer

Whether you are closing 1 loan per month or 50, our team support and resources are the same to help you function as a top producer, until you are a top producer.

Accepted Offer to Close Support

Our processors take your loan from start to finish providing 21 updates along the way

Pipeline Manager

Our pipeline manager works with processing to ensure all deadlines are being hit.

FAST Turn Times

No file sits. Same day turn times on underwriting & closing* 

BYOB. You're in charge.

Be your own boss. You don’t need to ask for subsidy requests or approvals. By operating completely transparent, you see where all the money flows to make educated business decisions. 

Here's a Fact

At Clear, you know exactly what all your leaders are making on your production. No secrets. 100% truth. 

Let's journey together

Crafting Our Clear Vision

We are the first ever mortgage company to provide true transparency and freedom to the individual loan officer. This means…


Transparency. You know exactly what every loan generates the company in revenue, what the company profit goals are, and where the money flows.


We push majority of loan revenue to the individual loan officer to empower them to make their own educated business decisions.


Earn true ownership by doing what you already do. As you close loans, you can vest as a partner in Clear Mortgage and earn K1 Distributions on company profit.

Multiple Income Streams

At Clear, you can earn commissions, salary, overrides, profit sharing & downline income. More income opportunity than all of our competitors.

Full Control

Leadership is a relationship, not a line on a map. Leaders are meant to provide high level mentorship, not approve or deny subsidy requests to stay at "Par".

Marketing Systems

Automate your marketing and lead generation. We’ve built out the tools for you to plug and play.

Loan & Market Tools

We leverage industry leading tools such as MBS Highway, Mortgage Coach, Quick Qual, Bomb Bomb, and more to provide the best customer experience. 

Investor Options

We have over 50 investors and brokers that you have access to.

Clear Connect Suite

We provide our loan officers with industry leading tech to help marketing and lead generation efforts.

The Idea

To provide done-for-you services that take your business to the next level. A one stop marketing shop.

Set your own "Par" and see the true value of your business

94% of loan officers don’t know how much their loans are worth on the secondary market